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Drug Abuse in the News


  1. Donald Trump just keeps 'joking' about serving more than 2 terms as president  CNN
  2. Trump launches campaign machine with massive war chest, despite polling lag  Fox News
  3. Trump supporters already lining up for campaign kickoff more than 40 hours before rally  Fox News
  4. Trump is afraid he?ll lose reelection, and he?s in a fury over it  The Washington Post
  5. What Trump is good at  CNN
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  1. Facebook Announces Project Libra, Its Wildly Ambitious Plan to Bring Cryptocurrency to the Masses  Fortune
  2. Facebook launches new digital currency  Fox Business
  3. Why USV is Joining the Libra Association  avc.com
  4. Facebook?s Libra Wanders Into the Bitcoin Bear Trap  Bloomberg
  5. Facebook Will Make the Money Now  Bloomberg
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  1. Hong Kong leader offers 'most sincere apology' as bill may expire  Al Jazeera English
  2. Protesters call for Hong Kong chief executive to resign  CNN
  3. Hong Kong protest: Is Hong Kong part of China? How many people live there?  Express.co.uk
  4. Rebecca Grant: Hong Kong sends China a powerful message (and proves Trump is right)  Fox News
  5. China's tanks are sure to return with Hong Kong protests | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. FBI examining 2010 domestic fight involving acting defense secretary Shanahan; accounts differ on aggressor  USA TODAY
  2. Trump says Shanahan has withdrawn from Defense secretary consideration  CNBC
  3. Trump says Shanahan out as Defense secretary nominee | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Read the full statement from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan about a 2010 domestic case  USA TODAY
  5. Trump puts Army secretary in charge of Pentagon as Shanahan drops out of contention for SecDef  Fox News
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  1. Why are US tourists dying in Dominican Republic?  BBC News
  2. Senior trip to Dominican Republic descends into disaster after group falls ill  New York Post
  3. Oklahoma high school graduates fall ill during Dominican Republic trip, parent says  Fox News
  4. New Jersey man becomes at least 8th tourist death in Dominican Republic in past year  CBS This Morning
  5. More info out over deaths in Dominican Republic, like man foaming at mouth  New York Post
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Dad of Sandy Hook victim wins suit against conspiracy theorists  New York Post

The dad of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim won a defamation lawsuit this week against conspiracy theorists who wrote a book claiming the ...

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  1. Stunning photo shows dogs 'walking on water' amid Greenland ice crisis  New York Post
  2. Photo of sled dogs walking through water shows reality of Greenland's melting ice sheet  CNN
  3. Greenland researchers raise alarm over rapidly melting sea ice on the island  CNA
  4. Record melting raises worries about Arctic ice (Editorial)  MassLive.com
  5. Greenland Lost 4 Trillion Pounds Of Ice In Just 1 Day  Forbes
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  1. Christian baker happy for 'second chance' to fight in court over refusal to make same-sex wedding cake  Fox News
  2. US Supreme Court throws out appeal against bakers who refused to make same-sex wedding cake  The Independent
  3. Supreme Court sides with Oregon bakery that refused to make cake for same-sex wedding  CNN
  4. Supreme Court tosses ruling against bakers who refused cake for gay couple  Fox News
  5. Supreme Court sends Oregon wedding cake case back to lower court  New York Post
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  1. Trump says he and China's Xi spoke, will have 'extended meeting next week' at G-20  CNBC
  2. Consumers could face higher prices under new China tariffs  CBS News
  3. China Is Cutting Tariffs?For Everyone Else  The Atlantic
  4. China's job market faces new pressure as trade war with US drags on  CNBC
  5. Trump, Xi to Have ?Extended Meeting? on Trade at G-20 Summit in Japan  The Wall Street Journal
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  1. Manafort transferred to NY federal prison ahead of state trial, after Rikers Island move nixed  Fox News
  2. Paul Manafort Rescued From Rikers by Deputy Attorney General  New York Magazine
  3. Paul Manafort not going to Rikers Island, will remain in federal custody after DOJ rejects move, source says  Fox News
  4. Paul Manafort Seemed Headed to Rikers. Then the Justice Department Intervened.  The New York Times
  5. Paul Manafort moved to Manhattan detention center that holds ?El Chapo?  The Washington Post
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  1. McConnell's blockade of House legislation is about to face its toughest test  CNN
  2. Schumer urges Senate to add election security measures to defense bill  POLITICO
  3. Jon Stewart slams Mitch McConnell over 9/11 victim fund on Stephen Colbert's show  USA TODAY
  4. It shouldn't take Jon Stewart to rescue 9/11 first responders  USA TODAY
  5. Mitch McConnell is worse than the Grim Reaper  CNN
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  1. As U.S. and Iran Face Off, Europe Is Stuck in the Middle  The New York Times
  2. Omar calls for US to ?return to table? after report on Iran?s uranium threat, blames Trump  Fox News
  3. Trump Has Brilliantly Cornered Himself Where He?s Now Demanding Iran Abide by a Deal He Already Reneged On  Slate
  4. Trump is seen as all bluff and no policy on Iran  The Washington Post
  5. Iran, Europe and Trump  The Wall Street Journal
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Wanted: Someone to eat ribs and travel the country. Salary: $5,000 a week  CNN

If you love to eat barbecue ribs, has Reynolds Wrap got a job for you. Travel around the United States and pocket $5000 a week sampling delicious meats.

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  1. The US military is building a case against Iran with clearer images from the latest tanker attacks  Business Insider
  2. Pentagon approves sending 1,000 more troops to Mideast as US releases new photos of tanker attack linked to...  Fox News
  3. Tanker attacks seen as calibrated but risky Iranian response to U.S. sanctions  Reuters
  4. Trump Might Not Want War With Iran. Without Diplomacy He Will Get One.  The New York Times
  5. Iran is winning, but US has options, in Gulf crisis | TheHill  The Hill
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Judge dismisses House lawsuit over border wall funding at their request | TheHill  The Hill

A federal judge on Monday dismissed House Democrats' lawsuit challenging President Trump's authority to tap military funds for a border wall after attorneys for ...

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