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Drug Abuse in the News


Portland mayor praises police after 'largely peaceful' day of far-right, far-left demonstrations  Fox News

The mayor of Portland, Ore. said late Saturday that his city had avoided the "worst-case scenario" after members of far-right groups and far-left members of Antifa ...

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  1. Tlaib hits back at Bill Maher for comments on BDS, compares Israel to apartheid South Africa  Fox News
  2. Daily News Quiz: This land is my land, this land is Greenland  Washington Post
  3. House Dems could retaliate against US and Israel ambassadors after banned visit: report  Fox News
  4. Once again, Israel fumbles its response to BDS | TheHill  The Hill
  5. 'I should be on a plane to see her': Tlaib emotional after decision not to visit grandmother in West Bank  CNN
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  1. Man Charged in Connection With Rice Cooker Scare, Police Say  The New York Times
  2. Police nab West Virginia man in rice cooker subway scare  1010WINS
  3. The man seen placing rice cookers around downtown New York is in custody, police say  CNN
  4. Man wanted in rice cooker subway scare found, hospitalized: officials  PIX11 New York
  5. New York City subway scare suspect taken into police custody  PBS NewsHour
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  1. Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women?s panties from the Palm Beach jail?  Miami Herald
  2. Medical examiner rules Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide  CBS Evening News
  3. Autopsy results of Jeffrey Epstein revealed  ABC News
  4. Inmate 76318-054: The Last Days of Jeffrey Epstein  The New York Times
  5. ?Deepening the mystery?: The Post scores a scoop and then botches it  The Washington Post
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  1. Istanbul floods: Grand Bazaar flooded by heavy rains today  CBS News
  2. At least 1 dead in Turkey flood  CBS News
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  1. American consumers are holding up the global economy. But for how long?  The Washington Post
  2. How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen  The New York Times
  3. Economists worry Trump's trade war with China could slow economic growth  CBS This Morning
  4. The scare of a recession calls for exactly what Trump can?t provide  The Washington Post
  5. What Happens in a Recession?  The New York Times
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  1. Marium, The Dugong That Charmed Thailand, Dies After Ingesting Plastic  NPR
  2. Thailand's beloved lost baby dugong dies with plastic in stomach, vets say  Fox News
  3. This baby sea mammal captured people?s hearts. She just died from eating plastic.  The Washington Post
  4. A baby dugong that became a Thai internet star died with plastic waste in its stomach  CNN
  5. Thailand's lost baby dugong dies from shock, eating plastic  New York Post
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  1. 7 people shot after fight breaks out at Houston house party  WOAI
  2. Snapchat house party shooting: 7 shot in Houston party formed on Snapchat  CBS News
  3. Seven shot after 'instant house party' started via Snapchat, police say  KHOU.com
  4. 7 people shot at Snapchat house party in east Houston, police say  KTRK-TV
  5. 7 people shot at Snapchat house party, Houston  CrimeOnline
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  1. Sudan just got a step closer to full democracy. Big obstacles remain  CNN
  2. Sudan conflict: Army and civilians seal power-sharing deal  BBC News
  3. Sudan protest leaders, military sign transitional government deal  Al Jazeera English
  4. Omar al-Bashir?s trial will be a sham, but Sudan?s revolution is alive and well  The Guardian
  5. Sudan Erupts in Celebration After Army and Civilians Agree to Share Power  The New York Times
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  1. Opinion: Hong Kong Protesters Might Bother Tourists, Or Pierce Their Conscience  NPR
  2. Hong Kong Protesters Soldier on for the 11th Straight Weekend  The Wall Street Journal
  3. Protests in Hong Kong hits its 11th week  ABC News
  4. Hong Kong police: We don?t need Beijing?s help  BBC News
  5. Can Hong Kong Avoid Becoming Tiananmen?  The New York Times
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Cape Cod's New Normal: Sharks Are Everywhere  The Wall Street Journal

It is peak shark season on Cape Cod, and this summer, the huge animals lurking just offshore are an inescapable presence to the people on dry land.

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  1. Buying Greenland isn't a good idea ? it's a great idea  Washington Examiner
  2. Thinking about buying Greenland? Here's what you need to know about the icy island  CNN
  3. Danish legislator calls Trump's proposal to buy Greenland "grotesque"  CBS This Morning
  4. FEC chair calls on Trump to provide evidence of NH voter fraud | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Opinion: Trump tries to win over New Hampshire voters ? by shamelessly lying to them  Los Angeles Times
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  1. MPs must decide what they hate most ? a no-deal Brexit or Corbyn as PM?  The Independent
  2. Parliament cannot stop Brexit, Johnson to tell Macron and Merkel  Reuters
  3. Labour and Tory MPs plot ?radical? law to thwart no-deal Brexit  The Guardian
  4. UK faces food, fuel and drugs shortages in no-deal Brexit: Times, citing official documents  Reuters
  5. How far will they go? The Tory tribes opposing Brexit  The Guardian
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  1. Berkshire's Growing Cash Pile Is a Warning to Investors  GuruFocus.com
  2. 7 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Buying or Selling  Yahoo Finance
  3. The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio: All the Buffett Stocks Ranked  Kiplinger's Personal Finance
  4. Why Berkshire Owns Banks And Why I'm Buying Berkshire  Seeking Alpha
  5. The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio: All 47 Buffett Stocks  Yahoo Finance
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  1. Beto O'Rourke should face it: Dem voters are just not that into him  Washington Examiner
  2. 2020 hopeful Beto O'Rourke visited an Arkansas gun show to talk about gun control  ABC News
  3. O'Rourke visits Arkansas gun show after releasing gun control platform | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Beto O'Rourke: 'I will not in any scenario run for the United States Senate'  USA TODAY
  5. Beto O'Rourke to Travel to Oklahoma City Bombing Site  The Daily Beast
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